What is Listnoir?

Listnoir is a crypto-futurist and retro-futurist underground art listing and film noir review website, with associated SubstackTelegram, and Twitter accounts. We'll curate a link gallery of underground art supportable with a variety of sci-fi money, as well as reviewing old sci-fi, spy-fi, and film noir of our choosing.

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Follow the story of the fomenting of a new crypto-indie scene, which will involve highlights from Listnoir's coming gallery of underground crypto-art, peppered with classic film noir / sci-fi reviews, and the occasional 'state of crypto' inbox rant.

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Fomenting a non-denominational market for underground art with cryptocurrencies (plural), with reviews investigating the sci-fi & film noir art movements of the past.


A group of pseudonymous and anonymous crypto-futurist writers.